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The Aswan Heart Research Centre offers Observerships and Internships to graduate and post graduate students interested in Translational Cardiovascular Research.

AHC Research Observership:

This is a hands-off and observation-only experience in which students with no or little experience are exposed to the daily work routine to gain a sense of the work environment and functions involved with the Biomedical Research Field.

AHC Research Internship:

This is a hands-on immersive experience in which graduate or postgraduate students with previous work or hands-on experience develop their skills and professional aptitude in Interdisciplinary Cardiovascular Research. Candidates get the opportunity to learn about different research projects, learn a variety of laboratory techniques and attend scientific discussions, journal clubs…etc.

Observerships and Internships

Observerships and Internships usually range from two weeks to three months and are to be carried out in AHC Research laboratories. Our programme includes didactic and practical elements to prepare young researchers for careers that will have a significant impact on disease-related research needs, either in the cardiovascular field or other related fields.