The Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation Board of Trustees
Ms Anissa E. Hassouna
Executive Director

Mrs. Anissa E. Hassouna holds a bachelor's degree in Economics & Political Science. She started her career as a diplomat at the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs then the Council of Arab Economic Unity, League of Arab States. Afterwards she became the Assistant General Manager of the Misr Iran Development Bank and then she held the position of Director General of Egypt’s International Economic Forum.

She is the Treasurer of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs, Treasurer of the Egyptian "Pugwash Society for Science and International Affairs" while sitting on the Executive Council of the international "Pagwash Conferences on Science & World Affairs". She also sits on the advisory board of IDEA International Advisory Group for West Asia & North Africa (WANA) and is a member of the Consultative Body of the “Arab Thought Foundation "and the "Arab Forum for Alternatives". She is the founder of “Enlightened Egypt Foundation”, and a Founding Member of both the "Think Tank for Arab Women” and the "Forum for Arab Citizenship in Transition Democracies”.